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Radio VI, side B, track 2: “I’ll Always Love You” by Taylor Dane

Oh, Taylor Dayne, you know who has two thumbs and will always love you?  This guy (I’m pointing to myself with my thumbs right now, or I will after I stop typing this sentence since I need my right thumb to hit the space bar).   Anyway, Taylor Dayne, your voice makes me want to draw a warm bath, sprinkle in some bath salts, then sprinkle in some rose petals, then sprinkle in some bubble bath, wrap a towel around my head and then sink, relaxed, sighing, into the most wonderful tub time in the world.  At the time, I wasn’t aware of bath salts or rose petals in baths or, well, our bathtub wasn’t real conducive to relaxing to your music, Taylor Dayne.

I took a few baths as a kid, and even got to use Mr. Bubble now and again, but by the time you came on the scene, the tub was getting rusty and that bathroom wasn’t heated really well so you could forget about taking a bath in the winter.  And let’s be honest, if I asked my parents if I could borrow some money to buy some soothing bath salts and some roses so I could take the petals off and sprinkle them in the bath water, well, let’s just say that would never happen.  Plus I wouldn’t even know where to actually buy bath salts.  I don’t think Ben Franklin carried them.  Maybe Pamida.

But let’s forget about the bath, Taylor Dayne.  The point is I loved listening to your voice, whether clothed or otherwise.

“I’ll Always Love You”


I’ll always love you
For the rest of my days
You have won my heart and my soul
With your sweet, sexy ways
You gave me hope
When I needed someone near
You bring me happiness
Every day of every year

And I’ll always love you
For all that you are (all that you are)
You have made my life complete
You’re my lucky star

You are the one
That I’d been searching for
You are my everything
Tell me who could ask for more (oooooo)

And I’ll always love you
Honey, this will never end
I need you by my side, baby (need you by my side)
You’re my lover, my friend
Oh, my friend

<awesome saxophone solo>

You gave my world
A thrill I’ve never known
And filled my eager heart
With a love to call my own (ooooooo)

And I’ll always love you
You must know how much I do
You can count on me forever (count on me)
And I will take good care

I’ll always love you (I will love you, I will love you)
I’m so happy that you’re mine (I will love you, I will love you)
I’ll always love you (I will love you, I will love you)
‘Til the end of time

Wooooooooo (uh oh)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

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