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Radio XI, side A, track 9: THE BUST!

Oh, THE BUST!, how I loved that brief minute every night when we got to look into the sordid lives of all those other radio listeners out there.  Rabbits tinkling on shoes, inept pizza delivery guys, I was always gleefully glued to the radio to see what the rest of the world was doing to each other out there in radio land.  And mostly it was pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, your typical teenage drama and silliness, but there was always at least one “bust” that would blow my mind.  Like this particular bust, when a girl busts her ex-boyfriend because he was. . .get this. . .already engaged!!!  Oh no he din’t!  Understand, these were the days before Jerry Springer and Maury and before Phil and Sally Jessy kept trying to up the ante of outrageous guests.  These days, that kind of behavior won’t even land you a reality show, but back then, it was high drama indeed.


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