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Radio XII, side B, track 10: “Shakin'” by Eddie Money

Oh, Eddie Money, there are parts of this song that could be taken right out of my early dating life.  Not the parts where you and Rosanna were shakin’.  That would have been nice.  No, I’m talking about the part where you sing about how you got a little nervous when she took her coat off.  And how you’re always talkin’ too much.  Yes.  That’s me.  Ya see, Eddie Money, I always talked a good game about love and romance and such, but I was not what you’d call. . .assertive. . .when it came to women.  In fact, Eddie Money, truth be told, I was a little scared of the ladies.  My first kiss was at the tender age of 16, and a wonderful girl I dated in high school had to wait over a month before I worked up the courage to kiss her, and that was only after she asked me why I hadn’t kissed her yet.  And believe me, Eddie Money, this girl was very kissable.

Here’s another fun story, Eddie Money:  I’m 18, a senior in high school, and I’m visiting a couple of my friends who have started college.  And we decide that we should go visit a certain strip club in this small town in Corson, South Dakota called “Up Your Glass” because you don’t have to be 21 to enter.  They serve soda (or “pop”, as we like to call it up north), very very expensive soda.  The guy working the front door is the owner, and his name was Snake, and we would learn later on in the night that he kept his foot in a jar of formaldehyde up on a shelf behind the bar (Snake lost it in a motorcycle accident and didn’t want them to get rid of it, you see).

But we weren’t there to meet Snake or his foot, Eddie Money.  We were there to see some strippers.  So my buddies and I stand in the back of the strip portion of the club and watch a girl dance up on stage.  Being the first stripper I’d ever seen, I’ll just say I was a little disappointed, but she was pretty enough and she had on nothing but high leather boots.  Well, Eddie Money, after this particular girl finished dancing, another girl came up on stage to take her place, and this first girl, we’ll call her Bambi, steps off the little stage and walks into the crowd of the men sitting on folding chairs (it was a classy joint, Eddie Money).

My heart dropped.  No one told me the ladies walked into the crowd!  And sat on men’s laps!  And Eddie Money, they were shakin’ all right.  And so was I.  In fear.  I watched in helpless silence as Bambi worked her way toward the back.  I was trying to get to the other side of the club where Snake’s foot and the $10 Pepsi’s were, but Bambi found me first.  And she stood directly in front of me, completely naked but for some leather boots.  And she looked at me and she smiled and all I could say was “Hi!” overly enthusiastically.  I believe my voice cracked as well.  And Bambi realized I was completely out of my element and continued on her way.

My friends laughed their asses off at me, Eddie Money.  They told me I looked like a deer caught in headlights, and yes, Bambi’s headlights definitely stopped me in my tracks.  It was my first and only trip to a strip club, Eddie Money, and I can pretty much guarantee that I’d have the same reaction if I stepped into one today.


Rosanna’s daddy had a car she loved ta drive

Stole the keys one night and took me for a ride

Turned up the music just as loud as it could go

Blew out the speakers in her daddy’s radio

She was shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Snappin’ her fingers (oh ooh oh)

She was movin’ round and round (oh oh, oh-oh)

That girl was shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

We started drinkin’, weren’t thinkin’ too straight

She was doin’ 80 and she slammed on the brakes

Got so high we had ta pull to the side

We did some shakin’ ’til the middle of the night

Shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Snappin’ her fingers (oh ooh oh)

She was up and down and round and round

Shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

Shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

(Oh ooh oh)

(Oh oh, oh-oh)
(Oh ooh oh)

I got a little nervous, huh

When she took her coat off

She looked so pretty
Ahh yeah

I’m always talkin’, baby, talkin’ too much

I love that little girl and I just can’t get enough

It takes a lonely night with nowhere ta go

Just call Rosanna, it’s a hell of a show

And she’s shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Snappin’ her fingers (oh ooh oh)

She’ll be movin’ round and round (oh oh, oh-oh)

Oh, she’s shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

Shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Snappin’ her fingers (oh ooh oh)

She’ll be movin’ up and down and round and round and round (oh oh, oh-oh)

And shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

Sha sha sha sha sha she was shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Sha sha sha sha sha she was shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

Sha sha sha sha sha she was shakin’ (oh oh, oh-oh)

Sha sha sha sha sha she was shakin’ (oh ooh oh)

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