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Radio XV, side B, track 7: “Monster Hits Weekend promo — Fred and Arnold Ziffel/Muppets Newsman/Vincent Price”

vincent and kermitOh, KISD FM, you guys were so awesome.  Clearly.  I mean, I recorded 70 tapes worth of music off of you, after all.  But it wasn’t just all the music you played, it was what you DID with the music.  You had countdowns, new music hours, all kinds of stuff, but it was your special weekends that really showed your love of music.  I had already experienced your Power Play Weekend, which was a blazing success, but this “Monster Hits Weekend” sounded like something else entirely.  I had no idea what it could be.  Was it just super popular songs?  But then again, the promos made it seem kinda like it had something to do with actual monsters.  So what could it be?  Well, we’ll all find out soon enough.

And also, KISD FM, I wouldn’t know it for a few decades, but even your promos were my first introductions to non-music geeky stuff.  For instance, I had no idea at the time that these particular promos featured Vincent Price, but now I certainly know it because it wasn’t too long ago that I discovered the mad genius of that gentle giant from St. Louis.  So much awesomeness is about to be had, KISD FM, and I’m very excited I get to share it with everyone.

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