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Radio XV, side B, track 8: “Spam skit” by Monty Python

Monty Pythron SpamOh, Monty Python, at the time, I had no idea where this little nugget of comedy gold was from.  In a few years, when my dad bought us a satellite dish and my brother and I became addicted to what was first the Ha! Network, then The Comedy Channel, and eventually Comedy Central, we would discover the wonderful lunacy that is Monty Python.  But the thing is, Monty Python, I also discovered a darker side to loving your comedy.

I was in ninth grade, and some fellow classmates (upper classmates, even!) had invited me over to their house to watch this movie I’d never heard of called “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.  I wasn’t one to get invited to stuff too often, Monty Python, so I wasn’t going to say no, and from everything I’d heard about both you and your movie, it sounded like exactly the kind of thing I would thoroughly enjoy.  But almost as soon as the movie started, I realized that perhaps this experience wasn’t all it was chalked up to be.  Because the other viewers had clearly seen your movie multiple, MULTIPLE times and had memorized every single line.  Every.  Single.  Line.  And they repeated all of them.  All.  Of.  Them.  It was kind of a horrible experience, Monty Python.  The movie seemed like it might be funny, but I had no way to really know since I was so distracted by the re-enactments going on all around me.

This was my first but definitely not my last experience of meeting geeks who were far geekier than I, but not in a good way.  The kind of geeks who are so strident in their love of some movie or comic book or TV show that it makes you kinda grow to hate what you once loved.  But take heart, Monty Python.  I would later watch your movie all by myself with no one around to quote anything, and guess what?  That movie is flippin’ hilarious.


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