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Radio XVII, side A, track 13: “Monster Hits Weekend promo — The Amazing Colossal Man”

The Amazing Colossal Man -- mst3kOh, Mystery Science Theater 3000, you were my first introduction to what it meant to fall in love with a “cult classic”.  It was the first time I got to feel like I was in some secret club where there were only a few of us who knew about you, and it was such a great feeling when you would find someone else who knew about it.  You could immediately identify that person as being “cool”.  My brother and I discovered you after our dad bought us a satellite dish (it was our consolation prize for not ever going on vacation because we always had to be home to milk the cows).  We discovered all kinds of weird and wonderful channels on that satellite dish, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  These were the days before Dish Network or DirecTV and the like, so we could point our satellite dish anywhere in the sky and find some random signal with live news feeds from a random local TV station to unscrambled adult entertainment.  It was kind of the Wild West in those days, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and if you had a satellite dish, there was no telling what you might find.

And one thing we found was you, when you were on The Comedy Channel, before it combined with Ha! to become Comedy Central.  I joined your fan club, and I basked in the glory of your Turkey Day marathons on Thanksgiving, I excitedly attended one of your live shows at St. Cloud State University, and I developed a lifelong love of TV’s Frank.  And no surprise, my love for all things MST3K was foretold in a clip for Monster Hits weekend, when they played a snippet of dialogue from “The Amazing Colossal Man”, an episode of MST3K which included one of my favorite lines ever, uttered by Tom Servo:  “Oookers!”  I love you so so much, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and below I’m sharing one of my fave episodes, “Pod People”,  for the rest of the world, so they too can revel in what we already know:  It stinks!

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