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Radio XVII, side B, track 2: “Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group

The Edgar Winter Group - FrankensteinOh, The Edgar Winter Group, besides the theme songs for movies featuring Harrison Ford or Christopher Reeve, I wasn’t very aware of “instrumental” music.  Unless it was part of a soundtrack, I was under the impression that at some point a song needed someone to bust out some lyrics.  You were the first band to prove me otherwise, The Edgar Winter Group, and you would be one of the few musicians who would grace my radio tapes with nothing but your lovely, lovely musical instruments.  I remember listening to this the first time as I was recording it, bobbing my head along to the music, but a little tense, waiting for the singing to start but the music kept playing and there was nary a voice to be heard.  After three minutes, it occurred to me that maybe there wouldn’t be any singing on this song.  Mind officially blown, The Edgar Winter Group.  So the next mystery:  why was this part of Monster Hits Weekend?  And then the DJ blessedly let me know that the name of this song was “Frankenstein”.  Ahhhhh.  That answers that question.  And now my mind was really abuzz, because even though there were no words, this song still had a story to tell, and it was about Frankenstein of all things.  It was the first time I consciously thought about how music could evoke images without actually “saying” anything.  And how awesome that what it was evoking was Frankenstein’s monster playing an electric guitar.


<awesome The Edgar Winter Group jam>

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