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Radio XVIII, side A, track 12: “The Top 88 of ’88” promo

1988Oh, KISD FM, here we go!  You’d already given me a taste of the awesome stuff you guys did with music with your Power Play Weekend and your Monster Hits Weekend, but this. . .this was gonna be HUGE, KISD FM!  You were going to be playing the top 88 songs from 1988!  I’d recorded a lot of songs on my tapes thus far, but now you were giving me the chance to catch the ones that I may have missed, some of the awesome stuff that had been big before I started this little project.  From this promo, it sounded like I could at least look forward to capturing “Father Figure” and “Wishing Well”, which so far had eluded my taping clutches.  But what to do, KISD FM?  Do I just record the songs that I hadn’t yet captured, or do I record all 88 songs for posterity, so that I’d know which song came in at #43 ’til the end of time?  I only had a few days to figure it out.  What’s a neurotic boy obsessed with taping songs off the radio to do?


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