Nellary Gifts

kitten4-frontSo this is completely random, but hey, I’ll throw it out there anyway.  About a decade ago, I was working overnights and living alone out in the middle of nowhere, wasn’t getting any sleep and was becoming a paranoid conspiracy theorist who lived with about 17 cats.  In other words, I was living the dream.  On the weekends, which I had all to myself, I would watch the first “Spider-Man” movie on repeat and make envelopes out of old calendars.  For whatever reason, it was very comforting to me, and I have to admit, the envelopes turned out pretty cool and it was a fun way to send letters to people.

Cap 3Well, flash forward to present day Austin, and I’m taking my 2013 calendar down, and I’ve got nothing to do, and I start folding some of the pics into envelopes, and before you can say OCD, I’ve made about 100 envelopes, much to my wife’s chagrin.

pretty-frontSince we live in the age of Etsy (where I just purchased the most awesome Star Wars tie you ever saw, by the way), I thought hey, maybe people will purchase them.  So far I’ve sold 9, to a coworker, who may have bought them out of pity, but I’m not above that, so I still took his money.  So anyway, my wonderful Mixed Tape Masterpiece readers, if you’re in the market for envelopes made out of old calendars and ladies’ magazines, you should go check out my Etsy shop, Nellary Gifts.  As a thank you for even considering it, here’s an extra song for the day from an upcoming tape, brought to you by Stevie B.

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5 thoughts on “Nellary Gifts

  1. Dear Debby says:

    “In other words, I was living the dream.”
    HA! Yes. All the yes.
    I’ll be taking a look at those envelopes.



  2. […] would do a little bit more good in the world.  And if you recall another post, I randomly decided to start selling handmade envelopes on Etsy.  And it occurred to me that I could combine the two things.  So rather than using my […]


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