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Radio XXXI, side A, track 8: “Now and Then Weekend promo”

now and then promoOh, KISD FM, I love you so much!!!  This is what I’m talking about, right here.  You guys had already teased me with a teaser for this mysterious event (guess that’s why they’re called teasers. . .), but now I knew what was going down.  A “Now and Then Weekend”?!?!  Playing rare tracks from the early careers of today’s hottest stars?!?!?  Dude, you guys are so awesome!  At the time, I didn’t really appreciate just how great you were, that you were basically a pop music station that also acted like a college station or some local co-op public radio.  You guys played all kinds of tunes, and you were always having fun stuff like this.  You made music exciting and fun, and how many Top 40 stations would dare to program some actual history lessons into their broadcasting?  You had introduced me to so much new music already, KISD FM, and I was really excited to hear some more new/old music I’d never heard before.  I’ve gone on record numerous times already stating that you were the best radio station there ever was, and with the luxury of hindsight and the rose-colored lens of nostalgia, I’m going to say that of all the things you did, it was your “Now And Then Weekend” that was proof positive that you guys were the perfect radio station, and I’m unbelievably fortunate that I was around to listen to it.  Can’t wait to hear what you got for me, KISD FM!!!





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