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Radio XXXIII, side A, track 8: “Make No Mistake” by Keith Richards

Keith Richards - Make No MistakeOh, Keith Richards, there have been a million jokes about the fact that you’re still alive despite the many substances you’ve allowed into your body, and I don’t have anything original to add, but I will say that this song is a testament to your fortitude.  I recorded this off the radio 25 years ago, and even THEN this song sounded like it was your dying wish to sing a Motown song so they wheeled you out of intensive care, propped you up by a mike, got some talented back-up singers, and let you do your thing.  If we reach that moment in evolution where vultures are able to sing songs in English, those vultures will sound exactly like you, Keith Richards.  Your voice is what one hears crooning out of the dark shadowy corner in your bedroom before the boogeyman strikes.  It’s sandpaper that’s been marinated in booze for 10 years and then left in a smokehouse to dry.  If one of Satan’s minions got a recording contract, this would be its first single.

Make no mistake, Keith Richards (see what I did there?), I was pleasantly surprised when this song rolled up on my track list because I’d forgotten all about it and it’s a forgotten gem.  I’m just saying you sound creepy as hell.  No offense.

“Make No Mistake”

<awesome Keith Richards jam>

Make no mistake
About it, mmm

But things ain’t what they seeeeem

I’m gonna
Scream and shoooout it

This is just a dreeeam

<awesome Keith Richards jam>

A simple

Every now and then

A touchy
Situaaaation, buddy
Can hypnotize a maaan

How we
Gonna hide it
(Hide it)

This thing with you and me, yeah

Everyone can tell by now

I just can’t lie, ya seeeeee

(What shall I saaaaay)
(Ta hiiiiide it)

Don’t hide it from me

(No words can conveeeey)
(Yooour lips)
(Melting into miiiine)
(No mistake)

(No mistake)
(No mistake) (Make no mistake)

(Make no mistake about it)
(No mistake)
(Make no mistake)

(Mm hm)
(Come on)

<awesome Keith Richards jam>

Make no mistake abooooout it

I’m gonna make you miiiiine
No need ta talk it

We’re running outta tiiiiime

(I’ve made up my miiiind)
(‘Booout yooou, ohhh)

(No mistake)

(I know in my heeeeeart ya never)
(Poooint of view)
(No mistake)
This is it (no mistake)

(Make no mistake)

Listen to me

(Make no mistake)

Make no mistake, baby

(Make no mistake)
There’s nothin’

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