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Radio XXXVIII, side A, track 9: “Clean The Closet Weekend promo”

Messy closetOh, KISD FM, just like I was talking about how yesterday’s song showed how 1989 was a confusing year to be a music fan, this little promo here shows that we weren’t at a crossroads just with our musical tastes, but with how we listened to that music.  So in this promo, you had a chance to win music by Donny Osmond, Roxette, or Cinderella.  I think that may sum up how amazingly diverse the radio scene was when I was taping these songs.  But how could you win that music?  You might win an album or a cassette or a CD.  Maybe all three.

Being at the crossroads of a shift in technology sucks, KISD FM.  Maybe not for techies who go out and buy every new toy, but if you just want to make sure you’re going to be able to play music or watch movies or what have you, it’s a very stressful gamble.  If you choose unwisely, you’ve just spent several hundred bucks on a machine of which there will be nothing produced to play on it.  When I recorded this particular promo, CDs were pretty much brand new.  I remember one of my classmates had a CD player (he was pretty spoiled.  He also had all the Dinobots, if I remember correctly), and I remember being scared to death of holding a CD, afraid that I would destroy it just by touching it.  I’d stick to my cassette tapes, thank you very much.

Of course now I use CDs as coasters and all my tapes fit onto two thumb drives that are literally the size of my thumb.  And I’m assuming that in the next decade or so, we’ll just have implants in our heads where we can download music and movies and the like directly into our brains.  But when that day comes, I’m going to hold out to make sure I don’t buy the wrong brain implant.

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