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Radio XXXIXL, side A, track 5: “King For A Day” by XTC

XTC - King For A DayOh, XTC, maybe now wasn’t the best time to listen to this wonderful song.  I just got done catching part of John Oliver’s new show on HBO.  I wasn’t seeking it out, mind you, it just happened to be on.  And nothing against John Oliver, I love the guy, and what I’ve seen of his show has been funny and insightful.  But it’s that second part that I just can no longer do.  I don’t want any insight into stuff anymore.  He was doing a report on the privatization of prisons, which included the repercussions one would expect from that concept.  And a few days before that I watched the episode of “Cosmos” about global warming.  And then I ate a whole frozen pizza to combat the depression.  Surprisingly, it didn’t help, XTC.

I’ve given hippies a hard time on this blog, XTC, and I will say rightfully so, because it’s my blog and I can do such things.  But I get the whole “turn on and tune out” thing they espoused back in the ’60s.  The world is a pretty yucky place full of yucky people doing yucky things.  To me, the biggest miracle is not all the amazing things we’ve done, like the ability to make great music like “King For A Day”, it’s that we’ve survived as long as we have despite ourselves.  Because it’s not like all the bad stuff I’m actively trying to avoid hearing about is anything new.  Your song is a great example, XTC.  Having watched “20/20” as a kid when this song came out, I vaguely understood that there were bad things going on around me then, too.  And your song underlined that people were yucky back then, too.

Sorry, XTC, didn’t mean to be such a bummer today.  It’s just always such a conundrum as to how I should approach life.  Do I retreat from all but the basics to avoid as much pain as possible (current plan)?  Do I obsessively observe all the slights that humanity has to offer and build up massive amounts of impotent rage at the hopelessness of it all (former plan)?  Do I shed all my possessions and interests and jump wholeheartedly into helping the world until I’ve burnt myself out (also a former plan)?

You might be surprised by this, XTC, but I don’t know the answer to those questions.  For now, I’m just going to listen to this song again and remember a time when the biggest tragedy I was aware of was missing an opportunity to record an awesome song like this.

“King For A Day”

<awesome XTC jam>

Everyone’s creeping up to the money god

Putting tongues where they didn’t ought to be

On stepping stones of human hearts and souls

Into the land of “nothing for free”, well the way thaaat
We’re living

Is all take aaand
No givin’

There’s nothing to
Believe in
The loudest mouth will hail the newfound waaay

Ta be king for a day

<awesome XTC jam>

Everyone’s licking up to the new kingpin

Trying to get way up with a smiiiiile

Sing f’ya supper, boy, and jump to a finger click

Ain’t my way of living in style, ’cause the ladder
Gets longer
And ambitiooon
Gets stronger
Can’t satisfy
The hunger
That bad old moooon’s gotchoo in its swaaay

To be king for the day

(King for a day)

<awesome XTC jam>

You’re only here once
So ya gotta get it right

(No time to fuss and fiiiight)
‘Cause life don’t mean much
If measured out with sooomeone eeelse’s pliiight
(In time you’ll see the liiight) ’cause the way that
We’re living
Is all take aaand
No givin’

There’s not much to
Believe in (not much to believe in)
The loudest mouth will hail the newfound waaay

To be king for a day

(King for a daaay)
You got to be the kingpin
(King for a daaay)
(King for a daaay)
Who’s to be king for a day
(King for a daaay)

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