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Radio XXXIXL, side A, track 9: “filler music”

FillerOh, KISD FM, one reason that I would probably never be able to make it as a radio DJ is that it seems like you always have to be on.  I’m an introvert by nature, and while I can and have performed in front of large audiences and have even enjoyed it, I always need a lot of decompression time between performances.  My current job requires me to be on, but only for short periods of time, and usually with days or weeks between to recharge.  So as much as I’ve dreamed of being a DJ (my DJ name was going to be “Jammin'” Jason D, aka “The Jammer”), the reality of it is is that it’s probably too frenetic for a human snail such as myself.

Case in point, this quick little track of some random background music that played while I’m guessing Vic St. John scrambled to get set up for the next song.  Because from my understanding, having absolute silence on the air is the death knell for any radio station.  And if it were me calling the shots, I’d probably just be filling that precious air with “ummmm”s and “ahhhhh”s.

And speaking of this track, KISD FM, who composed this?  It’s a catchy little tune for what it is, and there were several kinds of this music that you’d hear between tracks when I was growing up.  I always wonder about that when I hear music like this, whether it’s on the radio or in a TV commercial or in a waiting room.  I think it’s called “incidental music”.  Which implies that it’s meant to exist without being noticed.  It seems like the whole idea of “incidental music” and Muzak and the like is completely at odds with the whole idea of music in the first place, and it makes me think that the people who get paid to compose and perform it have to be the saddest people in the world.

So to whoever put together this little piece of throw-away music, I hope you moved on to bigger and better things, because you had good style, and you deserved more than just filling up dead air.

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