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Radio XXXIXL, side A, track 10: “Crashman intro” by Vic St. John

CrashmanOh, Vic St. John, we’ve already talked about how much I loved you and how the intro to your show was a microcosm of your awesomeness.  And this intro isn’t much different from the other one, except with more screaming in the background.  What’s been really interesting to me as I’ve gotten older and absorbed more and more pop culture, I’ve had tiny epiphanies where I realized that I’d heard some snippet of dialogue years before on KISD FM, usually during one of your broadcasts.  Like, for instance, when I watched “Night Of The Living Dead” for the first time in college and realized that I’d already unknowingly heard dialogue from it almost a decade earlier.

You were like this treasure trove of pop culture in-jokes, and had I been a little more pop culturally aware, I probably would have gotten a lot of your references a lot earlier.  Maybe it would have made me cooler.  Probably not, though.  But thanks to the internet, I can now quickly track down all the many references that were part of your amazing radio insanity.  Like the following.  Thanks for all the good times, Vic St. John.

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