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Radio XXXIXL, side A, track 15: “Clean The Closet Weekend: ‘Repeat Offender’ by Richard Marx”

Richard Marx - Repeat OffenderOh, KISD FM, you may not know this, but I really love the radio, and this little snippet of Vic St. John giving someone the opportunity to win a Richard Marx cassette is a perfect example why.  No, not because the radio gave me the chance to win a Richard Marx cassette, which would actually be reason enough right there, but just because of how it inspired all this imagery in my head.  Like on this one, where you hear the closet door opening and all kinds of junk falling out and Vic St. John’s picking through all the presumably awesome swag and finds a Richard Marx cassette just lying there, like a sparkling jewel in the midst of all this rock and roll debris.  I could picture all of that in my head.  Without the benefit of having access to MTV, I didn’t know what a lot of my beloved radio stars looked like, so I got to come up with what they looked like all on my own.  And since I didn’t see any music videos for most of the songs I recorded, I got to make up my own music videos in my head and come up with my own narrative for each of these songs that I loved so much, which just made them even more personal.  So basically, thanks for being a radio station, KISD FM.  You played a big part in how I learned to view (in my head) the world.

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