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Radio XXXIXL, side B, track 3: “Clean The Closet Weekend: ‘Repeat Offender’ by Richard Marx”

Richard Marx - Repeat OffenderOh, KISD FM, like I was saying yesterday, this is one of those weeks that I’m just trying to get through, so I’m not putting a whole lot of thought into the next few posts.  But I will say, I did get a little smile listening to this particular track since I had the good fortune of recording both the Clean The Closet sound effect that kicked off a mad dash for the phones to win a Richard Marx cassette, but also the moment when the lucky tenth caller actually finds out they were lucky enough to win a Richard Marx cassette.  Misty Hayman, the lucky caller, seems pretty pleased with her big win, and I’m happy for her.  I Googled her name just out of curiosity and oddly got a lot of results for some rough-looking women named Misty Hayman and their mugshots.  I’m hoping none of them were this particular Misty Hayman, but considering how this week has gone, it would not surprise me to find out that winning that Richard Marx cassette was the best thing that ever happened to Misty.  Not to belittle winning a Richard Marx cassette, that is kind of a big deal, but you know what I’m saying, KISD FM.

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