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Radio XL, side A, track 5: “ALF”

AlfOh, Gordon Shumway, even though I can be a bit of a crank on this here blog, I enjoy a belly laugh and chuckle and a knee-slapper and a howler. . .you get the idea.  Just like my musical tastes, I’ve also always had a broad range of comedic sensibilities.  I grew up on The Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin, and I would sneak a listen to my parents’ Rodney Dangerfield and Shelley Berman albums, and I of course loved Wes Harrison and you can’t beat Bill Cosby, plus there was John Candy and the rest of the “SCTV” cast, especially Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, and after my dad bought us a satellite dish and my brother and I discovered there was actually a channel devoted to nothing but comedy I discovered Paul Provenza and Jon Stewart and Louie C.K. and Dana Gould and Marc Maron and all these other amazing stand-ups before they were household names.

But as my wife can attest, while I love all kinds of comedy, I’m an absolute sucker for the cheap laugh.  Somebody slips and falls, forget about it.  I’m falling on the floor myself with laughter.  And while I wouldn’t call Steve Martin’s early stuff cheap, his arrow-through-the-head, “excuuuuuuse me” shtick pretty much sums up my core comedic values.

Which is where you come in, my sarcastic furry friend.  I’ve been able to re-watch your shenanigans recently on the Hub (one of my favoritest of networks), and while I don’t know that I’d say your show is as gut-bustingly hilarious as I remember it, your tried and true formula of trying to eat Lucky and “Haw haw haw!” and “I kill me!” still works pretty damn great.  I know it’s not really you on this radio clip, ALF, but whoever it was did a damn good impression and it makes me think of you with fondness all the same.

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