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Radio XL, side A, track 11: “Rude Awakening Call”

Velvet ElvisOh, KISD FM, if any track that I’ve featured on this blog has highlighted how old I’ve become, it’s this one.  For a few reasons.  For one, is it even possible to make prank phone calls anymore?  I mean, with the advent of caller ID, not only is it too easy to get caught, if I don’t recognize a name or number on my phone, I’m not even going to answer it anyway.  Hell, sometimes I don’t answer it if it’s a name and number I DO recognize.  And secondly, and this REALLY makes me feel old, I just don’t find them funny anymore.

I know, KISD FM, I know.  That’s a pretty bold statement.  This is coming from a guy who used to own every single Jerky Boys CD.  This is coming from a guy who enjoyed the Jerky Boys movie.  This is coming from a guy who prided himself on his own prank phone calls.  A guy whose favorite pastime in college after several beers was to call pizza places and random dorm rooms and pretend he was one of the Jerky Boys.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal when I say that I’m so over prank phone calls.  Especially prank phone calls from morning DJs, who I find to be some of the most obnoxiously horrible people on the planet (yes, even my beloved radio DJs from my youth, although I didn’t think so at the time).  But now, listening to this track, listening to some schmo waking up some poor kid home from college to do a pretty unfunny bit about buying pewter figurines. . .I’ll tell ya this, KISD FM, if someone had called me on the weekend while I was sleeping in and pranked me, and ESPECIALLY if it was one of those smarmy morning DJs, you would not be able to air that particular bit, because I would likely use all 7 of the words you can’t say on TV.  And a few more besides.

Although now I kinda want to prank call someone. . .

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