Radio XLI, side A, track 6: “Partyman” by Prince

Prince - PartymanOh, Prince, obviously I really, really love “Batdance”, but after hearing this one again for the first time in a long time, I might, just MIGHT, concede that this is the superior song from the “Batman” soundtrack.  MIGHT.  It’s a tough call.  But it’s very hard not to like a song that’s about a superhero called Partyman whose superpower is to be able to rock a party like nobody can.  Let me be clear, Prince.  It’s hard not to like a song about such a person, but the person himself sounds like someone I would have a hard time hanging around with for long.

Partyman sounds like he’d be unbelievably exhausting to chill with.  Actually, I’m guessing Partyman doesn’t know how to chill.  If he’s rocking the whole world as this song clearly states, that guy’s got no down time whatsoever.  It actually sounds pretty hellish.  For every hour of interaction with a human being, I need about two to three hours of quiet time to decompress.  So it’s possible that when I die, if I do go to hell, which is a fair assumption based on my childhood church’s teachings, it’s very possible that I might actually be forced to become Partyman for eternity.

The good news about that is that there’s no way that this could not be my theme song, so if there’s any bright spot to being Partyman in hell (or even being Partyman on Earth, which would also be hellish), it’s that at least I’d get to listen to this song pretty much all the time, which ain’t so bad.  Because any song that gives me the opportunity to sing the lyrics “If it break when it bend, ya better not put it in” might ALMOST be worth an eternity of rocking the house.

p.s., Prince. . .in none of my health classes did anyone ever warn me to not put it in if it breaks when it bends, so I just want to personally express my appreciation for that little nugget of wisdom as it’s going to come in handy as I’m getting older.



“Let’s broaden our minds”

<awesome Prince jam>

Ohhhh yeeeah


All hail
The new king in toooown

Young and old

Gather ’round


Black and white

Red and greeeen


The funkiest man
You’ve evah seeeen

Tell ya what his name is



Rock a party like
Nobody caaaan

Rules and regulation
No place in this nation


Party people say it now
(Yeah) Ahhhhhhhh

Somebody holla if ya wanna party

“Ladies and gentlemen”
“No pictures”


(Bum bum bum)

Get it up

Oh yeah



Get it up

G-get it up


(Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum)
“Ohh, I love purple”

I rock the party
I rock the house

I rock the whole world north, east and south

In the west
Seventeen horns blowin’



Get it up

(All hail the new king in town)

Ain’t nuthin but a muffin

Got a lotta butter ta go

(Say I oughta knock yo in, but don’t come no)
If it break when it bend

Ya better not put it in

Get it up

(Ride ’em, boy)





Young and old
Gather ’round
Everybody hail the new king in town

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