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Radio XLV, side B, track 4: “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Kix

Kix - Don't Close Your EyesOh, Kix, you know there’s a kids’ cereal with the same name, right?  There is.  It’s kid tested and mother approved.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had it, but I remember all the commercials for it.  What’s funny is, it wasn’t until this song showed up on the track list that I made the connection.  It’s not that I didn’t know that both you and the cereal existed in the same world, Kix, it’s just that I’m a master of compartmentalization, and I was probably even more so in the days when I was recording this song off the radio because my brain wasn’t as good at making connections back then.  Or something like that.  It really never occurred to me that you guys had the exact same name as a lame cereal.  And yes, it WAS lame, Kix.  I mean, it’s mother approved.  What kid is going to want to eat cereal that his mom thinks is good for him?

Actually, now that we’re on the subject, I never ate much breakfast as a kid. At least not during the school year.  I think it made me a little nauseous on the long bus rides, so I usually didn’t eat until lunch during the week.  It’s the same for me now, I’m just not that into breakfast.  I’ve heard that it’s the start of a healthy day and all that, and recently I’ve started eating a banana in the morning, but the thing is, I loves my sleep, and I don’t want to get up any earlier than I have to before I have to go to work, and the time I’d spend eating cereal (a cereal that’s NOT Kix, so you know, Kix) is 10-15 minutes I could be spending on sleeping.  PLUS, I’ve got a bit of a neurosis about cereal.

When I was a kid and had cereal (usually Wheaties, I believe, since it was the breakfast of champions), I was usually pretty liberal with the amount of milk I’d put on it.  The problem was, once I’d eaten the cereal, there was a lot of milk left in the bowl, and my parents were adamant that I finish the milk, too.  Now, I loved milk, Kix.  I grew up on a dairy farm, as you know, and I could drink a whole pitcher of milk in one sitting.  And I’m talking about WHOLE milk.  The kind of milk you had to stir before you poured it because cream had gathered at the top.  But the thing was, unless it was ice cold and drunk from my favorite glass (a cheap glass with a flower pattern; there were four of them in the set, and sadly all have been broken throughout the years), I couldn’t stand it.  I never liked chocolate milk or any flavored milk of any kind, and the worst kind of milk was the cereal-flavored milk left at the bottom of the bowl when all the cereal flakes or pops or krispies were gone.  Feeling a little sick just writing about it, Kix.  But my parents made me drink it.  Warm.  Tasting of cereal.  From the BOWL.  Horrible, Kix.  Just horrible.  I’ve seen people pour that cereal milk into a glass and drink it.  It’s not right, Kix.

So to this day I don’t eat cereal, and if I do, I either eat it dry or I put the tiniest of splashes of milk on it.  But I usually just don’t bother.  Because I’m usually asleep.

Anyway, Kix, sorry to go off on a tangent about cereal, but I think you can understand why.  I didn’t mean to take anything away from this song, because I loved the hell out of it back in the day, and it still sounds damn good, and I’m pretty sure I recorded it again, so we can talk about it some more when you show up again.  Now I need to go wash that phantom taste of cereal milk out of my mouth.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes”

<awesome Kix jam>

Whatcha doin’ out in the night tiiiiime

Why’dja call me on the phooooone

Ya mama can’t solve ya probluuuuuum

When’s daddy ever get hooooome

So ya did ya little move an’ criiiiiied

In the middle of a suiciiiiiiiide

Don’t close yo eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

Don’t close yo eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

Don’t sing your laaaast lulla-byyyyyyyyyyyyyy

No one there ta hold yoooooooooou

No one hears your screeeeeam

Ya live life up and down’aaa

Nightmare’s are your dreams

I know it’s lonely when your hangin’ ‘roooound

Doncha take it lyin’ dooooown, no

Hold on
Hold on tiiiiiight

I’ll make
Everything all riiiiiiiight

Wake up
Don’t go ta sleeeeeeep

I pray the lordjo soul ta keeeeeeeeep

<awesome Kix jam>

Don’t close yo eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

Don’t close yo eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

Don’t sing your laaaast lulla-byyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Don’t close yo eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

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