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Radio XLVI, side A, track 8: “New Music promo: Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Donny Osmond”

boomboxOh, KISD FM, done, done, and done!  It was always kinda gratifying when your new music promo featured songs that I’d already recorded.  In fact, it was quite likely that I’d JUST recorded “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and “Living In Sin” during this very taping session since they were featured on the Hot New Music Hour.  Which seems like a waste of a good promo, ya know, KISD FM?  I JUST heard these songs.  I’m already devoted to listening to the Hot New Music Hour.  You don’t have to convince me to tune in.  If anything, if you’re going to promote new music, why don’t you tease some music from NEXT WEEK’S Hot New Music Hour?  You’ll totally have me hooked then, KISD FM.  No need to thank me for providing insightful feedback 25 years after the fact, KISD FM, it was my pleasure.

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