Radio XLVII, side A, track 6: “Principal’s Office” by Young MC

Young MC - Principal's OfficeOh, Young MC, of any song that we’ve been lucky enough to hear on here, this one proves that it don’t matter where you’re from, whatever your race, color, or creed, being a teenager in high school suuuuucks.  Now, if you’d look at the two of us in 1989, it would make sense if no one saw any similarities between the two of us, but all you had to do was listen to this song to know that we had way more in common than one might think.

Hall passes.  Passing notes.  Hell, Young MC, I even broke my front tooth in school.  Not during lunch, but still.  It actually happened when I was in second grade, but until the last few years, my two front teeth have been two of the banes of my existence.  My nickname in high school was “Bucky”, as you may remember.  It started out because of my protruding front teeth, teeth with a gap between them so large I could fit a thermometer between them. It was in the winter, probably around this time of year, actually, that we were playing dodge ball in the elementary school gym.  I had tripped and fallen on the floor, not shocking since I was and am clumsy as hell, and one of my classmates threw a ball at the back of my head.  My head hit the gym floor, teeth first, and both of my teeth went flying.

Now that I think about it, I actually went to the principal’s office after that, not because I was in trouble but to bawl my head off in private.  It’s the first time I ever heard the word “vomit”, because my principal asked me if I felt like I had to vomit, and I had to ask her what that meant.  Later on, I told my mom that I’d learned a new word, and she was pissed that I’d learned it because she apparently hated the word “vomit”, which explains why I’d never heard it before.  She was also unhappy because when they called her to tell her about my tooth incident, they told her that I’d chipped my teeth.  “Chipping” does not properly describe what had happened to my teeth.  I guess one was “chipped”, but most of the other one was gone.  So when I walked in the door that afternoon, my mom was not happy to see that I looked like a young pirate.

We got it fixed, but I don’t know that we had the money to get it done well, so my teeth would fall out from time to time.  Once was when my brother and I were wrestling, possibly even practicing the Camel Clutch, and his knee knocked out my tooth.  Another time was when I was in high school and opening up a bag of chips with my teeth.  In my mid-twenties, I was chewing on my fingernails and it came off again.  That one happened the day of a first date.  And for the longest time, I just left my teeth the way they were because I couldn’t afford to get them fixed.  But about eight or nine years ago, I scraped up enough money to get it done right and got some fancy porcelain veneers put in.  Of course, before they were put in, I had to get a root canal, and more of my tooth got chipped, the day before I manned a booth at a comic book convention.  But now I smile unabashedly because I’m no longer embarrassed by my gap-toothed grin.

But I still have recurring nightmares about my teeth falling out.  And occasionally I worry about these veneers falling off, because when they put them in, they ground down my real teeth to nubs, so next time I knock them out, I’m going to look like a hillbilly vampire.

Where were we, Young MC?  Sorry, I wasn’t planning on telling you all about my adventures in dentistry, but you just really inspired me.  Probably not the reaction you were hoping for, I’m sure, Young MC, but that’s the chance you take when you share your awesome music with the world.  And now I’m off to brush my teeth.  Carefully.

“Principal’s Office”

“If I can help it I don’t spend a lotta time in the principal’s office”

<alarm ringing>



Nine’a clock!

<awesome Young MC jam>

Now as I get ta school, I hear the late bell ringin’
Runnin’ through the hall, I hear the glee club singin’
Get to the office, I can hardly speak ’cause it’s the third late pass that I got this week
So to my first class I run and don’t walk
All I hear is my sneakers and the scratchin’a chalk
And when I get to the room, I hear the teacher say
“Mr. Young, I’m happy that you could join us today”
I try ta sit down so I can take some notes
But I can’t read what the kid next ta me wrote
And if that wasn’t enough ta make my morning complete
As I try ta get up, I find there’s gum on my seat
And with the seat stuck to me
I raise my hand and say, “Excuse me, but can I go to the bathroom, ma’am?”
The teacher got upset and she screamed out “No!”
“It’s off to the principal’s office you go.”

<awesome Young MC jam>

Twelve o’clock comes with mass hysteria
Everybody rushes down to the cafeteria
Picked up my tray ta have Thursday’s lunch, and when I tried the applesauce
I heard it crunch
I’m runnin’ up the stairs with a front tooth broken
The nurse just laughed and says, “You must be jokin'”
I looked up at her
With a smile on my face
No joke ’cause my front tooth is outta place
So I walk through school with ice on my lip
A nurse’s late pass like a gun on my hip
My books are real heavy, I walk and I’m draggin’ it
No school lunch next week, I’m brown-baggin’ it

Forget class, I’m’a shoot some ball
With a late pass I got no trouble at all
But then the nurse walks up and says, “Whattaya know?”
“It’s off to the principal’s office you go.”

<awesome Young MC jam>


<awesome Young MC jam>

Passin’ notes is my favorite pastime

I can’t wait ta find a girl ta pass mine to

To express my feelin’, give me a week, me and the girl’a be dealin’
Now one young lady
Was lookin’ at me
I said, “Hi, my name is Marvin, known as Young MC”
But then the bell rrrang and the teacher came in and that’s when the game’a passin’ notes would begin
I wrote the first note, told her she was fine, and I hope that the two of us could spend some time
She wrote me back and told me, “Yo fine, too”
“I’d love ta go on a date and spend some time with you”
So then I sat there reelin’
And lookin’ at the ceilin’
Words can’t express the way that I was feelin’, then I thought ta myself
The sure way ta getta is ta write another note, oh yes, a love letta
Well, I finished the note
It was ready ta pass
The teacher took it
And read it right in front’a the class
She read it word by word and line by line and everybody who was laughin’ was a friend’a mine
Even my girl was laughin’
It was too late
No need ta write another note, ’cause there would be no date
The teacher looked at me and I said, “I know”
“It’s off to the principal’s office I go.”

Yo, you think this bad, wait ’til I get my report card

<awesome Young MC jam>

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2 thoughts on “Radio XLVII, side A, track 6: “Principal’s Office” by Young MC

  1. table9mutant says:

    Ha! Another classic I’d kind of forgotten about. 🙂

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