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Radio XLIL, side A, track 2: “Here We Are” by Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan - Here We AreOh, Gloria Estefan, what a way to end the month, huh?  I loved this song as a kid, but I think it’s got even more of an impact now.  When I recorded this, I’d just recently turned fourteen and I’d never kissed a girl.  So I couldn’t even imagine the passion in the relationship in this song.  Well, that’s not true, I could totally imagine it.  I was aching for it.  But hell, Gloria Estefan, I don’t think I’d even held a girl’s hand at this point.  So the idea of a breathless kiss, fuggedaboutit.  And I was pretty sure there was more than kissing going on here.

Listening to this now after so many years, it does make me realize just how much I missed even when I was in a relationship in my teens, twenties, and let’s face it, my thirties.  This song encapsulates what I should have been doing all that time.  I was always focused on “where are we going?”  Focused on the next date or the next kiss or even the next girlfriend.  I absolutely didn’t focus on the “here we are” part of the relationship.  Which is really sad, since that’s always the best part.  And it’s even got a great song to go along with it.  Thanks for reminding me to live in the now, Gloria Estefan.

“Here We Are”

<awesome Gloria Estefan jam>

Here we are

Face to faaace

We forget
Time and place

Hold me nooow

Don’t let gooooo

Though it huuurts
And we both know

The time we spend together’s gonna flyyyy

Everything you do to me
Is gonna feel so riiight

Baby, when yo lovin’ me
I feel like I could cryyyy

‘Cause there’s nothin’ I can do

To keep from loving yoooou

No no no no no no

Here we are

All alone

Trembling hearts
Beating strong

Reaching out

Breathless kiss

Never thought

Could feel like this

I want ta stop the time from passing byyyy

Wanna close my eyes and feel
Ya lips’a touching mine

Baby, when you’re close to me
I wanchoo more each time

There’s nothin’ I can do

Ta keep from loving you

Nothin’ I can dooooo, I’m helpless in your arms

Baby, whatcha doooo, I’m in love, this is it

There’s no turnin’ back this tiiiime

No no noooooo

Here we are

Once again

But this time
We’re only friends

Funny world

Sometimes lies

Become the game
When love’s the prize

And though no one knows what’s goin’ on insiiiide

All the love I feel f’you
Is somethin’ I should hiiide

When I have you close to me
The feeling’s so sublime

That there’s nothin’ I can do

Ta keep from loving yoooou, no no no

Can’t keep from lovin’ ya, baby

No no no

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