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Radio 55, side A, track 8: “New Year’s resolution”

ResolutionOh, KISD FM, I think we’ve all been where that girl who called into the radio station has been at some point in our lives, where love and relationships have gotten us so beat down that we make vows and resolutions and blood oaths that we’re swearing off the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing) for good.  Kinda like after a night of hard drinking, when you wake up with a sock for a tongue, a boiling cauldron of acid for a stomach, and a thrash metal drummer for a brain, and you make a very similar vow about alcohol.

And we know how both of those vows go, KISD FM.  You’re good for a while, maybe even a few months, but then you find yourself at a party with an interesting new person or an interesting new drink, usually both, and you think “What can it hurt?” and you start talking or you start drinking or you do both, and BAM!  It’s a year later and you’re calling in to a radio station on New Year’s Eve making a formal declaration that you’ll never do such things again.

Until you do.

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