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Radio 60, side B, track 4: “‘Perfect Strangers’ trivia”

Perfect StrangersOh, Larry and Balki, was this not the easiest answer to a trivia question ever?  Puh-lease.  What was Balki’s occupation on Mypos before he moved to Chicago?  Duh.  He was a shepherd, of course!  Didn’t even need to look it up on Wikipedia.  Though I did have to look up the name of his stuffed sheep (Dimitri).  I don’t think I can overstate how much I loved your show, Larry and Balki.  I mean, I loved the full TGIF lineup, but you were always my favorite.  Well, I did also really love “Just The Ten Of Us”, but that had a lot to do with Jamie Luner and my lifelong love of beautiful redheads.

Anyway. . .I haven’t seen an episode of “Perfect Strangers” since it was canceled, and there might be a chance it doesn’t hold up as well as my memory of it does.  But at the time, I thought Bronson Pinchot was a comedic genius.  I quoted Balki all the time (“Don’t be reeedeekulous!”) and I was known to randomly break out into the Dance Of Joy when the mood would strike me.  Which it would.  Often.

And what’s the most exciting thing of all, Larry and Balki?  That one of my favorite shows when I was a kid has inexplicably been intertwined with one of the best shows I’ve ever seen ever.  If you’ve been watching “The Leftovers”, you know that there’s a major sub-plot involving the entire cast of “Perfect Strangers” disappearing on October 14.  And you know that Mark-Linn Baker aka Larry Appleton was actually discovered to have not disappeared and was hiding out in South America.  What you may not have noticed, Larry and Balki, since you probably have lives and don’t watch hours and hours of television, is that there’s a weird connection to the entire line-up of both TGIF and other ABC sitcoms from the ’90s.  Eddie from “Family Matters” has a small but seemingly pivotal role in the show.  Coach Lubbock from “Just The Ten Of Us” made a brief appearance a few weeks ago (sadly, no Jamie Luner).  And Joel Murray from “Dharma and Greg” was recently on as well.  That is way too many stars of loved ABC sitcoms to be a coincidence.  Considering how mind-blowing the rest of “The Leftovers” is, this particular Easter egg is almost too much for me to take.  Is it bad form to write about Easter eggs on Thanksgiving?  Who cares, Larry and Balki.  I’m just thankful you made such a hilarious show and that you are now part of what I consider one of the best television shows ever made.  Am I overstating that?  Don’t be reedeekulous.  That felt good.

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