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Radio 60, side B, track 8: “Lonely Is The Night” by Billy Squier

Billy Squier - Lonely Is The NightOh, Billy Squier, this is a great song and all, but I’m coming off a four-day weekend with very little human contact.  Anything over three days and I start to spiral into gloomy anxiety mode.  So I guess if I want to tie your song into this, it would be that it’s not just the night that’s lonely, it’s my whole damn soul.  I get that not knowing how to handle 4 days off from work is a champagne problem, Billy Squier, and I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you that I’m conserving any energy I would spend on writing anything remotely witty on this blog to just getting my ass in to work.  So you just keep focusing on making kick-ass music and I’ll focus on barely writing about it.

“Lonely Is The Night”

<awesome Billy Squier jam>

Lonely is the night

When ya find yaself alone

Ya demons come ta light

And ya mind is notcher own

Lonely is the night

When there’s no one left ta call

Ya feel the time is right

Say the writin’s on the wall, yeah

<awesome Billy Squier jam>

It’s a high time ta fight

When the walls’a closin’ in

Call it whatcha like

It’s time ya got ta win

Lonely, lonely, lonely

Ya spirit’s sinkin’ down

Ya find ya not the only

Stranger in this town

Red lights, green lights, stop’n go jive

Headlines, deadlines jammin’ your mind

You been stealin’ shots from the side

Let your feelin’s go for a riiiiiiiiiiide

<awesome Billy Squier jam>

S’danger out tonight

The man is on the prowl

Get the dynamite

The boys are set ta prowl

Lonely is the night

When ya hear the voices call

Are you ready for a fight

Do you wanna take it all

Slow down, showdown, waitin’ on line

Showtime, no time, changin’ your mind

Streets are ringin’, march to the sound

Let the secrets follow you dooooooooown

Somebody’s watchin’ you, baby, so much ya can do

Nobody’s stoppin’ you, baby, from makin’ it, too

One glimpse’ll show ya now, baby, what the music can do

One kiss’ll show ya now, baby
It can happen ta you

<awesome Billy Squier jam>

No more sleepin’, wastin’ our time

Midnight creepin’s first on our mind

No more lazin’ ’round the TV

You’ll go crazy
Come out with meeeeeeee

<awesome Billy Squier jam>

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