Radio 60, side B, track 10: “Heat check”

heat checkOh, KISD FM, some days I’m grateful for these particular clips because I have zero opinions on them and I don’t think anyone else does, either.  Unless you happened to be one of the kids calling in to the “Heat check” (blech.  This whole “The Heat” bullshittery is so annoying, KISD FM).  I was not one of those kids.  But if anyone out there reading this blog is, THAT would be something worth writing about.  And even if it wasn’t you on this particular clip, go ahead and share your memories of calling in to the radio station.  Since I was on a party line, and we also only had the one phone in the house next to the kitchen, it wasn’t real conducive to making random calls to the radio station without being judged by both your family and your neighbors.  So please, let me live vicariously through y’all.  Or if you grew up on a party line, let’s share in our misery.

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I totally have an opinion on this!

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