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Radio 62, side B, track 2: “That’s The Way Of The World” by Cathy Dennis and D-Mob

D-Mob and Cathy Dennis - That's The Way Of The WorldOh, Cathy Dennis and D-Mob, it still amazes me after all the posts I’ve posted and all the songs I’ve listened to on here where the next song on the track list comes up and I think “Nope.  Don’t remember this one.” when I see the title.  And I press Play, and I think “Nope.  Doesn’t ring a bell.”  And then suddenly you start singing “Nothing really matters ’til you make it” and suddenly my brain lights up like a pinball game and it’s like I just recorded this song off the radio for the first time.  Of COURSE I remember this song, Cathy Dennis and D-Mob!  This song’s great!  I haven’t heard this song since 1990, and yet even though I remember pretty much nothing from my high school or college classes, “That’s The Way Of The World” is still comfortably resting somewhere in my grey matter.  I’m glad I’ve held on to all of the useful knowledge.

I was also surprised that such an upbeat song was so nihilistic.  In the background some guy’s contemplating suicide, and then at some point we hear “Nothing really matters in the end”, all to an optimistic techno beat.  I’m not arguing the point, Cathy Dennis and D-Mob, just felt a little like a Baby Ruth in the pool, you know?  No worries.  After all, nothing really matters in the end, right?

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