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Radio 62, side B, track 4: “Monty Foster’s Project Pass promo”

report cardOh, KISD FM, what a great idea!  I can’t remember if I entered this contest, but I should have.  Not to brag, but my grades were pretty good.  Do kids still get grades anymore?  And also, I shouldn’t brag because while my grades were pretty good, it was mostly because my teachers were fairly lenient and I’m one of those assholes who didn’t have to study.  I never did learn to study or take notes or anything.  Honestly, I’ve made it this far mostly on dumb luck and the good nature and/or pity of others.

But I digress.  I just wanted to say kudos to you, KISD FM.  It was very cool of you to reward kids for good grades with awesome music.  Ironically, most of the music they were going to win was probably made by cats who didn’t get such good grades themselves.  No offense, Faster Pussycat and Billy Idol, I just don’t get the impression that school was ever your thing, and a stellar report card is probably the opposite of rock and roll.  But I appreciate that you had a contest that let the nerds win, KISD FM.  Nerds love rock and roll just as much as the cool kids, so thanks for thinking of us.

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