Radio 62, side B, track 7: “Cradle Of Love” by Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Cradle Of LoveOh, Billy Idol, my wife told me that the video for this was pretty controversial when it came out.  I wouldn’t know since I didn’t have access to MTV or anything at the time.  I do remember loving this song very much, though.  And I do remember having actually seen the video somewhere, somehow.  And I remember I enjoyed the video very much.  It’s been ages since I’ve heard this song or seen the video.  Still love the song.  All I remembered about the video was at one point a woman was crawling on the floor.  So I’ve listened to the song again and watched the video again to refresh my memory.  Ummmm. . .

Watching that video at 14 years old is a much different experience than watching it at 40, Billy Idol.  That was no woman crawling across the floor.  That was a young girl.  A very young girl.  Kinda felt uncomfortable and wrong watching it.  Plus, totally don’t remember the lyrics about the rebel taking a child bride.  I still love this song, Billy Idol, but I’m never going to feel right listening to it ever again.  Thanks a lot.

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One thought on “Radio 62, side B, track 7: “Cradle Of Love” by Billy Idol

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