Radio 63, side A, track 1: “Pure” by The Lightning Seeds

Pure - The Lightning SeedsOh, The Lightning Seeds, I have to apologize to you.  I totally forgot about this song, and that’s kinda unforgivable.  To say I’ve listened to this song about a million times is actually an underestimation.  I loved this song so much that I bought the cassingle of it with what little spending money I had.  I listened to it all the time, The Lightning Seeds.  This song made me unbelievably happy.  It represented the ideal I had for true love.  Even listening to it now I get that same happy-sick feeling in my stomach and I can’t help but smile.  I always felt like this song was created by magical fairies and it was best listened to while lying on one’s back in a meadow surrounded by forest, looking up into the clouds and the blue sky.  I’ve forgotten a lot of songs that I’d recorded off the radio, but I’m more than a little horrified that this was one of them.  The good news is that you’re back, and I promise I’ll never forget about this one again, The Lightning Seeds.  Thanks for making such an amazing song.

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