Radio 63, side A, track 6: “Make You Sweat” by Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat - Make You SweatOh, Keith Sweat, I would have said that having the last name of “Sweat” would be a real bummer, but then I hear this song and I’m all like “noyce!”  Well played, Keith Sweat.  You took some lemon and made lemonade.  Or took sweat and made. . .sweat-ade?  Ew.  That sounded gross.  Anyway, my point is is that this kicked ass the minute it first broke on the radio and time has not lessened its impact.  If I wasn’t so lazy, I would totally get up and dance to this song and you bet you would make me sweat.  Hell, just typing is making me a little moist.  Probably not what you had in mind, Keith Sweat, but thanks for making such a crazy awesome song.

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