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Radio 64, side A, track 4: “Blaze Of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of GloryOh, Jon Bon Jovi, I haven’t seen “Young Guns” or “Young Guns II” since they first came out on home video, but I remember that I loved them so and I remember that I thought it was brilliant to have your music as the soundtrack for a Western.  I also remember being incredibly disappointed when I discovered that “Unforgiven” was not going to have a soundtrack by Metallica.  Which is all right since “Unforgiven” is a fantastic Western and I’ve seen it many times since I first saw it at the theater.  I do not know if “Young Guns” or “Young Guns II” would hold up as well upon repeat viewings even through a haze of nostalgia, and as much as I love Lou Diamond, I’m currently not willing to risk it.  So I’m just going to imagine that the movies are as amazing as this song still is and leave it at that.

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