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Radio 64, side B, track 6: “Stranger To Love” by St. Paul

St. Paul - Stranger To LoveOh, St. Paul, I did not know that you were from Minneapolis.  And you named yourself St. Paul.  Very clever.  Of course, when I heard this song, I didn’t know you were from The Cities (not The Twin Cities, mind you, just The Cities.  Someone says “The Cities”, you knew what they were talking about), and I may have only been to The Cities once in my life at that point.  I think my brother and I had gone to visit my aunt and got to go to the Minnesota Zoo and see a Twins game.  And it was a big deal.  You didn’t go to The Cities unless something big was going down.  It was a four-hour trip, and living on a farm, you still had to come home the same day, so there was only so much you could do.  I would eventually have a girlfriend who lived near St. Paul (not the singer, just the city), and the first time I ever drove to The Cities on my own was one of the scariest moments of my life.  To this day, I’m still amazed at myself that I’m able to tool around Austin like it ain’t no thang.  Although I won’t drive downtown because it makes me break out in hives, and if I have to find a parking space, forget about it.

I’ve mentioned before that when I’d find out a singer was from Minnesota, I was pretty blown away by it, that my humble little state would produce such talent, but then again, when they’d mention they were from St. Paul or Minneapolis or all points north, in the end they might as well have been in a foreign country they were so far away.  I do remember a school trip to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and someone told me that Prince had a recording studio somewhere in the vicinity and I was looking out the bus window, just sure I was going to catch a glimpse of the Purple One.

Sorry, St. Paul, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with your song.  But it is a great song, and I ain’t no stranger to it.  See what I did there?

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