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Radio 65, side A, track 15: “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde - Kids In AmericaOh, Kim Wilde, 3 years and 50 tapes ago (wouldn’t the Gettysburg Address have been so much better if it started out like that?) was the last time we got to hear your angelic voice.  That’s far too long.  Even though this song was one of your first songs to grace the airwaves, the first time I heard it was this very track, nearly a decade after it was first released.  Luckily, I’d already heard “You Came”, so I was already madly in love with you.  And I was very excited to hear this song because like you, I was also a kid in America, so already we had something in common.  People have based relationships on much, much less, Kim Wilde, so what do you say?

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