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Radio 65, side B, track 13: “Have You Seen Her” by MC Hammer

MC Hammer - Have You Seen HerOh, MC Hammer, I hope to hell someone has seen her and that they told her that you were looking for her so she’ll get in touch with you and you’ll stop singing about it.  This song kinda goes on for awhile longer than I originally remembered it.  It’s nice enough, but it ain’t no “U Can’t Touch This”, know what I’m sayin’?  And I could have sworn that New Kids On The Block sang backup vocals on this.  Obviously I was wrong on that, having watched the video just to be sure, but it sure as hell sounds like them, don’t it?  And as per usual, I hadn’t paid too much attention to the lyrics on this one as a kid.  Other than “Have you seen her?”, of course, and it’s hard not to since that question gets asked incessantly throughout this one.  But here’s my favorite lyric.  Maybe one of my favorite lyrics ever:  “The girl is hard to see like an unseen VJ.”  Wow.  That’s some poetry right there.  Also, an unseen VJ is called a DJ, MC Hammer.  An unseen VJ may also be called unemployed.  Although on Sirius XM they have former VJs who are now DJs.  What does it all mean?!?!

I did not realize this song was going to get so deep, MC Hammer.  Hope you find her.  And soon.

lyrics to “Have You Seen Her”

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