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Radio 66, side A, track 2: “Tick Tock” by The Vaughan Brothers

The Vaughan Brothers - Tick TockOh, The Vaughan Brothers, it goes without saying that this is an unbelievably bittersweet song that I recorded during my beloved Hot New Music Hour.  A song about the brevity of life released only about a month after Stevie Ray’s death, you can’t get much more profound than that.  At the time, I don’t know that it dawned on me who The Vaughan Brothers were, and the DJ certainly wasn’t sounding too introspective about it.  Which is crazy.  Considering the nature of the song and when it came out, how could you NOT be introspective?  Such is life.  Little did I know that time was ticking away for my radio tapes, too.  It was now October (October 7, 1990 to be exact), and I’d only be recording 4 more tapes off the radio after this.  At the time, I wouldn’t have believed it.  I mean, this song was awesome, and yesterday’s song was crazy awesome.  Why would I ever stop recording music off the radio when I had the Hot New Music Hour every Sunday afternoon?  Well, I was a very short-sighted teenage boy looking forward to a driver’s license and kissing girls and going to college.  Had I known that the only thing that I would actually hold on to over the years were these wonderful tapes, I would have certainly spent more time in my room pressing Play and Record on my tape deck.

lyrics to “Tick Tock”

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