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Radio 66, side B, track 7: “Days Like These” by Asia

Asia - Days Like TheseOh, Asia, I have so many thoughts going on as I’m listening to this song and looking at that album cover and listening to the DJ.  The very first thing I heard on this track was the DJ talking about how The Flash would love the radio station, and I immediately was like “Oh YEAH!!!!”  Because it was only about a month before when “The Flash” debuted on CBS.  Which was a pretty big deal and I totally absolutely loved it.  I’ve watched it since, and it doesn’t hold up real great, but you have to remember, Asia, this was before the golden age of superheroes when every other show wasn’t based on a comic book, so we were excited about any comic book character showing up anywhere other than our comics and our Underoos..  Incidentally, I just started watching the new version of “The Flash”, and I think it will absolutely hold up great when someone looks back on it in another 26 years.

But I digress.  I remember I really loved this song because it absolutely sums up what it’s like being on the manic part of a manic-depressive kick.  Now, I don’t know if I’m a manic-depressive, but I will say that I’ve had days like the one you’re singing about where I felt like I could do anything.  It’s when I’d start writing a book or begin an exercise program or decide I was going to solve world peace.  It was quickly followed by dark, bleak days of depression that lasted for months at a time.

I’ve leveled out since then, Asia.  Now I’m typically running on a healthy dose of apathy.  But I still have those days. . .well, maybe not days anymore, but those brief, bright moments where it feels like I could solve all the world’s problems.  But that’s nothing a bag of Doritos and some TV won’t fix.

lyrics to “Days Like These”

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