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Radio 71, side A, track 3: “Someone Like You” by Adele

Adele - Someone Like YouOh, Adele, how exciting!  The first song on this blog that’s from the new millennium!  And I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be here for it.

At the time I recorded this, I didn’t know much about you, Adele.  This was before I was really paying attention to “modern” music.  My musical knowledge hit a wall after about 1998 or around there.  I knew that you’d won a bunch of Grammys.  And I knew I’d bought “21” for my wife for Christmas the year before and she was really happy about that, but I’d never actually listened to any of the songs.  Frankly, Adele, despite the fact that I had a blog about all the new music I recorded off the radio as a kid, I was a bit of an old grump about anything new-fangled.

Then I finally listened to you.  This was the first song I heard.   Now, I thought this song was absolutely amazing.  Obviously.  But it wasn’t until all the hullabaloo when “Hello” came out that I really fell in love with you, Adele.  Because I’m totally in love with you now.  My wife knows it.  She understands.  Anyone would.

So now when I hear this, knowing how amazing you are, this one just rips my heart right out every time I hear it.  Not because of the content, mind you, because frankly, even the first time I heard this one, the whole situation sounds real awkward, what with you showing up and begging your ex not to forget you and telling him how happy you are for him and his new boo (even though you’re not happy at all).  Look, I’ve been there, Adele, as the beggar, and it’s no fun for anyone.  So lyrics-wise, I’ll take a pass.  But that voice.  That voice.  This could have been a song about how you accidentally spilled some mustard on your sleeve and it would have been amazing.

I did find it funny that the DJ was talking about how you were working on your new album and how it was going to be a lot more optimistic next time out.  Because “Hello” was such a happy tune.

I love you, Adele.  There’s no one like you.

lyrics to “Someone Like You”

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