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Radio 71, side A, track 4: “All My Love” by Led Zeppelin

Led ZeppelinOh, Led Zeppelin, only 4 songs in and already I have a dilemma.  I’d already recorded this one as a kid.  It was actually the only song I’d recorded by you.  And here you were again.  My original thought as I started my new recording odyssey was that I wasn’t going to record the same song multiple times like I did when I fell in love with songs like “Lost In Your Eyes” and “When I’m With You”.  What to do, Led Zeppelin?

Well, obviously I decided to keep this one.  And I’m going to give any other songs I’d recorded as a kid one more chance to shine.  Just because.  It’ll be nice to see what stood the test of time and see if I’ve got any new thoughts or memories about them since the last time they were on here.  So thanks for helping me come up with a new rule for the blog, Led Zeppelin, I know that y’all are big on following rules.

lyrics to “All My Love”

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