Radio 73, side B, track 6: “Every Time You Go Away” by Paul Young

Paul Young - Everytime You Go AwayOh, Paul Young, I knew this song was coming up on my track list, and I knew that I knew it from somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where.  And then, as I was listening to it and getting ready to write something, it hit me.  “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”!  One of the best movies ever.  This was at the end of the movie.

I quickly found out that this wasn’t your version at the end of it, and I definitely know I’ve heard your version somewhere and somewhen.  But I don’t know when or where it was. It’s a great song, though, and no matter what rendition of it I remembered, if it’s related to the John Candy/Steve Martin classic in any way, it’s a winner.

“Those aren’t pillows!”  Hahahahahaha!

lyrics to “Every Time You Go Away”

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