Radio 73, side B, track 12: “Hot Child In The City” by Nick Gilder

Hot Child In The City - Nick GilderOh, Nick Gilder, so this is probably the last time I’ll intentionally listen to this song.  We’ll get to that in a moment.  First thing, no idea you were a dude.  I remember this song; again, something that’s been stuck in my head for years, probably just listening to it as the radio was on in my parents’ station wagon or playing in the background on the jukebox at Dar’s Pizza.  And no biggie that you ARE a dude, I just always thought this was sung by a woman.

But besides not knowing your gender, I also didn’t realize that this song was about teen prostitution.  And not teen prostitution as depicted in “Taxi Driver”, but teen prostitution glamorized in a pop song.  Nope.  Sorry, Nick Gilder.  Can’t unhear you rhapsodizing how you want to make love to this hot child in the city.  Like, you really belt that line out.  Nuh-uh.  So. . .nice knowing you, Nick Gilder.  It’s going to be awkward if you have another song show up on here, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there won’t be.

lyrics to “Hot Child In The City”

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4 thoughts on “Radio 73, side B, track 12: “Hot Child In The City” by Nick Gilder

  1. sivad71099 says:

    Oh gross, we did a cheerleading routine to this song in high school!

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