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Radio 74, side A, track 1: “Peg” by Steely Dan

Peg - Steely DanOh, Steely Dan, what is up with 1977?  Yesterday, we had teen prostitution hiding in a catchy pop hit.  And today, after briefly reading up on the lyrics, we’ve got another catchy tune that’s about a woman being coerced into porn.  Geez Louise.  This is yet another song that I recognize but I have no idea how.  I had no idea how dark these songs were, Steely Dan.  Although if this was the kind of stuff I was listening to as an impressionable little baby, it’s starting to explain why I’m so damn moody most of the time.  Thanks for messing me up then and now, Steely Dan.

Great tune, though.

lyrics to “Peg”

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