Radio 74, side A, track 8: “Little Talks” by Of Monsters And Men

Little Talks - Of Monsters And MenOh, Of Monsters And Men, a song from not that long ago!  And I can tell you when I heard this one, even!

There was a time when Saturday nights meant partying.  I guess.  I honestly don’t even remember doing such things anymore.  Which maybe meant I had a great time partying?  I don’t know, Of Monsters And Men, but those days are far behind me.  Now, Saturday nights are meant for “Saturday Night Live”.  My wife and I watch it religiously and have pretty much since we’ve been together.  We’re pretty diehard fans.  I won’t speak for my wife, but I love it as much, and sometimes more, for its historical significance than its entertainment value.  Kind of the same reason I love “The Young And The Restless” so.

I love seeing new cast members, watching them grow beyond their SNL role, lamenting those that got their big break but didn’t last more than one season, trying to guess if the cast actually liked that week’s host.  One of my dreams is to be on that stage at the end of the show when the host thanks the cast and the musical guest and then everybody’s just hanging out and hugging each other and it seems like the most amazing place to be.  There seems like there’s so much concentrated happiness and love, and just the right amount of awkwardness.

Anyway, as you know, one of the staples of SNL is the musical act.  And I’ll be honest, Of Monsters And Men, I’ve not always been a fan of the musical act portion of the show.  And to be fair, the performances I watched as a kid were sometimes pretty bad.  I remember watching The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, being really excited to hear them sing “The Impression That I Get” and it being atrociously horrible.

But in the last several years, SNL has stepped up its game in the music department.  Not just the acts, but the production values.  Back in the day, everyone always performed on the same stage, but now, the stage and sets are part of the performance.  We no longer fast forward through the musical acts.  Usually.

That’s a long-winded way of saying that the first time I heard this song was when you performed this on “Saturday Night Live”.  I remember immediately being enthralled with that trumpet, and I also remember that y’all looked very excited to be on SNL.  As one would be.  I also remember thinking that it seems like every woman from Iceland must apparently look like Bjork.  Not that that’s a bad thing.

Anwyay, Of Monsters And Men, I love this song, and I remember being really excited to record it off the radio because it was actually a song from the new millennium that I knew.  The combination of my rediscovery of radio recording and watching SNL has turned me into one very hip dude.

Not!  (see what I did there?)

lyrics to “Little Talks”

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