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Radio 74, side A, track 11: “Breakfast In America” by Supertramp

Breakfast In America - SupertrampOh, Supertramp, sorry, got nothin’ for you today.  I enjoy this song, but I’ve got no memories of it, it’s about to be the weekend, I’ve got a holiday road trip coming up, which means anxiety, indigestion and incontinent dogs.  I will not be eating breakfast in America before said trip.  I’m not much of a breakfast guy.  Never have been.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to eat the hell out of bacon and eggs and sausage and pancakes and the like.  And now that Mickey D’s is serving breakfast all day, I’ll indulge in some hot cakes and a meatless Egg McMuffin.  But if I’ve got work to do after breakfast, I just hold out ’til lunch.  OJ and milk and cereal and the like, always made me a little queasy, and if I have a big ol’ breakfast with eggs and the like, that means I need a big ol’ nap about an hour after that.  So. . .I guess I had SOMETHING for you today, but it was mostly nonsense.  And definitely no kippers.

lyrics to “Breakfast In America”

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