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Radio 74, side B, track 4: “Too Much Time On My Hands” by Styx

Styx - Too Much Time On My HandsOh, Styx, I didn’t know this song until it showed up on BOB.  And as a kid, I didn’t realize that you had such a long, storied career.  It’s a shame, too, because I know you and I would have gotten along like gangbusters.  This song is a perfect example, because it’s really damn great, and in the very brief reading up on this that I did, it sounds like this whole album was a concept album with a story and everything.  But I didn’t meet you until 1990, when “Edge Of The Century” came out.  I think I’d heard your name before, but that wasn’t why I bought your cassette.  That’s right, Styx, I shelled out my hard-earned money to actually purchase a cassette instead of just hoping to record the whole thing off the radio.  The whole cassette was excellent, but there was one song I bought it for:  “Show Me The Way”.  I LOOOOOVED “Show Me The Way”.  I listened to it all the time.  It very much appealed to the schmaltzy side of me who was always striving for a deeper meaning in life.  As deep as a 15-year-old can get, anyway.  This song and that song both have that striving for deeper meaning, though this one definitely rocks more.  Sadly, I lost my “Edge Of The Century” tape somewhere along the way, and I never recorded “Show Me The Way” off the radio, so I think, to celebrate your introduction to my humble little blog, we’ll do a double dose of you today.  Welcome, Styx!

lyrics to “Too Much Time On My Hands”

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