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Radio 77, side A, track 10: “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles

Beatles - Can't Buy Me LoveOh, The Beatles, so I can’t talk about this awesome song without talking about the awesome movie of the same name I can’t help but think of whenever I hear this song.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen “Can’t Buy Me Love”, but I would have to estimate it’s in the hundreds.  I mean, can you blame me, The Beatles?  A movie about the nerdiest of nerds who wins over Cindy Mancini.  CINDY MANCINI, The Beatles!  I wanted to be Ronald Miller so bad, The Beatles.  I mean, let’s be honest, I WAS Ronald Miller, just not as smart or as hard-working or as willing to drop $1000 on a daring social experiment.  But I did know how to drive a riding lawnmower.

And so many great quotes, The Beatles!

“You shit on my house!”

“That’s a long time to wait for some tit.”

“Who’s the dick with ears?”

And let’s not forget the African anteater ritual!  Or that Gerardo was in this (or should I say Rico Suave?  My mind was blown when I realized that the guy from “Can’t Buy Me Love” and Rico were one and the same)!

The way I’m gushing, you’d think I was talking about one of the best movies ever made.  And you’d be right.  Your song’s not bad, either, The Beatles.

lyrics to “Can’t Buy Me Love”

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