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Radio 79, side A, track 10: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen (plus a bonus 45 RPM track!)

Queen - Bohemian RhapsodyOh, Queen, what a wonderful way to end the week!  I don’t know if I have enough words to talk about my love for this song.  Strike that.  There are technically not enough words in the entire history of language to truly encapsulate my love for you and this song, but because I’m a mediocre writer at best, I will hopefully be able to scrape enough letters together to justify my love.

This song has been with me all my life, Queen.  As a kid, before there were such things as cassette tapes, I inherited a big stack of 45s.  For the first few years of my music-listening life, that was the extent of my music library.  Besides my parents’ Eddie Rabbitt records, that is.  That’s how I first heard Bob Dylan and Jim Croce and you, Queen.  I had no idea of your significance as an amazing musical act, I just knew that I loved your song.  Every time I think of this song, the first thing I think of is that butterfly on the elektra logo of the 45 that I would watch spinning around and around on my little plastic record player that interspersed multiple listenings of CCR with “Winnie The Pooh and The Blustery Day”.  You can go ahead and listen to that hissy, crackly version right here if you want to, Queen:

Small confession:  I kind of almost preferred “I’m In Love With My Car”, which was the B-side of this one:

But when I was a sophomore in high school, your rhapsody would come rushing back to steal my heart again.  Because that’s when I discovered “Wayne’s World”.  It’s no surprise I get a little obsessed with things, Queen, and I don’t think I can truly convey how obsessed I was with “Wayne’s World”.  I think I saw it at least 5 times at the movie theater alone, and that’s a pretty big commitment since going to the movies was anywhere from a 20- to 40-minute drive one way.   And after it was released on video, well, let’s just say even my VCR could quote that movie by the time I was done.  I loved that movie so much that my senior pictures featured me in “Wayne’s World” attire.  I don’t know whatever happened to my “Wayne’s World” hat, but I’m still ashamed that I lost it.

And if you’re wondering why I’m rhapsodizing so hard on “Wayne’s World”, you’ve clearly forgotten the prominence of this song featured therein.  That scene was when I fell hard for the movie and when I rediscovered my deep and abiding love for this song.  I will love you forever, Queen, mostly because of this song.  That’s my no honk guarantee.

lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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