Radio 80, side B, track 3: “Low Rider” by War

War - Low RiderOh, War, first thing, kudos to you for getting the website  I feel like that was some real foresight on your part because that seems like the kind of domain that would get snapped up real fast.

Anyway, this song is pretty fantastic.  I’ve heard it all my life, even though I can’t really say where I’ve actually heard it other than any time I’ve watched “Dazed And Confused”.  As I was listening to it and reading the annotations to it, I realized I myself was kinda livin’ the low rider lifestyle after I got my driver’s license.

No, I didn’t have a fancy automobile to show off.  I drove a maroon Plymouth Volare station wagon.  Still my favorite car and I miss it to this day.  It’s what I cruised around in with my friends.  And thinking back, we cruised around a LOT.  I’m kind of ashamed of the amount of gas I wasted just driving around. . .well, everywhere.  I drove all the hell over in that thing, War. I remember one night my friend and I put on 100 miles just driving from Lake Wilson to Pipestone to Lake Wilson to Slayton to Lake Wilson. . .we may have even driven to Chandler at some point that night.  You might not be familiar with those towns, War, but they’re not that far apart, so 100 miles is a lot of driving.

I don’t know if the radio worked, but I don’t think it did, and that was fine, because we had plenty to talk about.  All of it girls.  And there was one night my friends and I just drove around to see how slow the car would go.  I just took my foot off the gas and we let the car coast.  Why?  Why not, War?  One night I drove around town with a piece of plastic piping stuck under the car that had been laying across the road and we all took turns with our cars driving over it.  Good times.

And before my teen years, we climbed all over that station wagon.  This was back in the days before there were things like seatbelt laws, and it was a huge treat when there were too many people in the front and back seats, so we’d get to climb in the BACK back and wave at cars and make the semi trucks honk their horns.  At some point during high school I think we fit 10-12 people in that car.  Comfortably.  I also made out with a girl in that car.  It was a great goddamn car, War.  It wasn’t cool enough to have this song as its soundtrack, but I think the cars that were that cool would have still respected her.  I miss you, Plymouth Volare.  Thanks for taking me for a ride back there, War, I appreciate it as much as I appreciate your song!

lyrics to “Low Rider”

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